The Porous Materials Engineering & Analysis Lab (PMEAL) at McGill University is the research lab of Prof. Jeff Gostick, P.Eng.  Research in PMEAL concerns anything to do with porous materials, particularly transport phenomena, multiphase flow and wettability.  PMEAL places a special focus on non-conventional porous materials such as fibrous media, porous layers and other artificial or engineered structures.  These materials tend to have atypical properties not commonly found in traditional soil and rock media, such high porosity, neutral wettability, tailored surface chemistry, anisotropy, stratification, and electrical conductivity.  Consequently, the conventional and established tools and modeling approaches are often not sufficient, and it is the goal of PMEAL to address these knowledge gaps.


About Prof. Gostick

Prof. Gostick received his PhD from the University of Waterloo in 2008 and was a post-doctoral scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab under the direction of Adam Weber in 2009-2010.  Prof. Gostick joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at McGill in August 2010.  During his PhD Prof. Gostick worked on multiphase flow and transport phenomena in fuel cell electrodes, with specific focus on capillarity and porous structure.  Throughout his post-doc he continued working on fuel cell related problems, focusing on micron resolution x-ray tomography of water distributions in porous electrode materials.  Prior to starting his PhD, Prof. Gostick worked as a research engineer at the Teck Product Technology Center in Mississauga on producing novel zinc power and fiber materials for zinc-air battery and fuel cell systems.  Prof. Gostick is a licensed engineer in the province of Ontario, and is a member of The Electrochemical Society and The International Society of Porous Media.