Prof. Gostick’s Bio

Professor Jeff Gostick is the Azzam-Dullien Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, where he runs the Porous Materials Engineering & Analysis Lab. Prior to joining UofW he was an Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal from 2010 to 2016. His PhD work focused on multiphase transport phenomena in hydrogen fuel cells. Upon completion of his PhD from the University of Waterloo in 2008 he did post-doctoral work at with the US Department of Energy at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, where he used the ALS synchrotron to perform ‘cat scans’ on electrodes, which led to his current interest in volumetric image analysis. He is the lead developer of the open-source pore network modeling projects OpenPNM and PoreSpy, both of which focus on understanding transport pheneomena at the pore-scale. Prof Gostick was recently named an Emerging Leader by the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering, and was honored with Azzam-Dullien Professorship in 2022. With the help of his current and former graduate students, which include 12 PhD and 23 Master’s students, he has published over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles, 6 book chapters,and given hundreds of talks at international conferences.