Prof Gostick Named Inaugural Azzam-Dullien Endowed Professor


Jeff Gostick


December 7, 2021

Prof Gostick Named Inaugural Azzam-Dullien Endowed Professor

The Department of Chemical Engineering recently received a generous donation from a former PhD student, Dr. Mohamed Azzam. Dr. Azzam undertook his PhD studies under Prof. Francis Dullien in the early 1970’s. His work focused on hydraulic flow through complex conduits (see [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]), and contributed to the development of the pore network modeling approach pioneered by Prof. Dullien and his team later that decade. After graduation Dr. Azzam founded a successful company and had recently decided to honor Prof. Dullien and his former department with a generous gift. The Azzam-Dullien Endowed Professorship was created, and Prof. Jeff Gostick was named as the inaugural recipient for a term of 4 years. This endowment is earmarked to fund graduate students in the area of transport in porous media, which will ensure the continued legacy of porous media research at the University of Waterloo.